Apostle Elizabeth Itegi

Apostle Elizabeth is originally from Kenya and is now An American citizen by the grace of God.Her and Husband Apostle Ephantus Itegi relocated from Kenya to USA in 2006 June and their 3 children joined them 3 years later and 2 others were left in Kenya.In 2009 God spoke to them to start a Pentecostal church federal way  Washington where they live and the obeyed God and started a church called Tabernacle Temple of praise, In 2012 Apostle Elizabeth was called full time and stopped working and answered Gods call of serving him full time, they faced a lot of challenges  but still continued to be obedient to God.After serving in the church for five years without going out God again spoke to her verbally  I have called you to Nations to preach my word in and out of seasons,so Arise now and go wherever i tell you and she talked with her husband and they agreed to obey all God’s instructions to the end.